Department of Psychology


Below are listed researchers at the department not affiliated to any of the department's research groups. Researchers affiliated with a certain group will be found on the research group's own pages in the links just below.

Researchers at the Department

Nazar Akrami
Personality and social psychology, social cognition, social identity processes, attitudes, prejudice and stereotyping, research methods and psychological assessment.

tel 018-471 2147

Ulf Dimberg
Emotion psychology, facial expression, empathy, biological psychology and psychophysiology

tel 018-471 2140

Timo Hursti
Clinical psychology, psychotherapy research, cognitive behavior therapy, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity

tel 018-471 7842

Per Lindberg
Behavioural medicine, clinical psychology, health psychology, multidisciplinary rehabilitation

tel 018-471 2102

Leo Poom
Perception psychology, visual information integration in detection and identification of objects, visual working memory: its´ limitations and precision

tel 018-471 2127

Lars Åberg (Prof. Emeritus)
Traffic psychology

tel 070-6888570

Carl Åborg
Work and organizational psychology,
human-computer interaction

tel 018-471 7986