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The coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19) is having a profound effect on all aspects of society, including mental health. Mental health research must be a higher priority in the global response to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Read a new paper published in The Lancet Psychiatry involving Prof. Emily Holmes: "Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic: a call for action for mental health science".

  • Emily Holmes participates in the webinar Mental Health and COVID-19 organized by The Lancet Psychiatry, Mental Health Innovation Network, and United for Global Mental Health. The talk was about psychological and social research priorities in relation to mental health & COVID-19.
  • Emily Holmes contributes to the international COVID-19 conference COVID-19: Sharing the international lessons learned on July 27 with the lecture "What we have learned and still need to learn in neuroscience and psychology"

Research Group Mission

Emotional Mental Imagery Lab (EMIL)
for psychological treatment development

The work in Emily Holmes' research group is underpinned by a core interest in mental health science, and the translation of basic findings to create innovations to improve psychological treatments. The research combines perspectives from clinical and experimental psychology. It takes an interdisciplinary approach including psychology, psychiatry, cognitive science, neuroscience and so forth.

Mental imagery is implicated across psychological disorders from intrusive memories of past trauma, to flashforwards to the future in bipolar disorder. Mental imagery involves ‘seeing in the mind’s eye’, ‘hearing in the mind’s ear’ et cetera and has a more powerful impact on emotion than its verbal counterpart (thinking in words). It therefore presents exciting opportunities for transdiagnostic mental health treatment innovation. Mental imagery is also fascinating in its own right in terms of better understanding one of the various shapes human thinking can take.


Head of Group


Postgraduate Students

  • Johanna Motilla Hoppe, PhD Student
  • Kristjana Þórarinsdóttir, PhD Student, University of Iceland
  • Johann Hardar, PhD Student, University of Iceland
  • Emily Greenfield, DClin Psych Student, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • Katherine Depa, Master´s Student
  • Emma Odekvist, Master´s Student
  • Roosa Porthén, Master´s Student
  • Caterina Vannucci, Internship


  • Ylva Valden, Master´s Student (2019)
  • Felicia Sundström, Master´s Student (2019)


Affiliated Members