Laura Herrero: "Cognitive Improvements Associated with Music Training"

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: Föreläsning via Zoom (kontakta Patrik Juslin för länk och information)
  • Arrangör: Institutionen för psykologi
  • Kontaktperson: Patrik Juslin
  • Seminarium

Öppna seminariet i musikpsykologi

Professor Laura Herrero, Camilo José Cela University (Spain): "Cognitive Improvements Associated with Music Training"

Music performance is a complex activity, which require the integration of many different perceptual and cognitive processes. Music training has been associated with improvements in a wide range of cognitive processes. Moreover, structural and functional brain changes have been found when musicians and non-musicians have been compared. However, there are several inconsistencies across studies. In this talk, Laura Herrero, Professor of Music Didactics, will present an overview of empirical findings. She will explain various perspectives and research designs, and will also suggest new research questions. Professor Herrero holds a PhD in Psychology and is a professional violist. She is specialised in cognitive development, executive functioning, and music education.