Discovering Statistics using SPSS

Temporary PhD course, 7,5 credits (spring and autumn 2014)
Tillfällig forskarutbildningskurs, 7,5 hp (VT och HT 2014)

The course syllabus below in PDF

Kursplan/Course Syllabus


Spring and fall of 2014


Håkan Nilsson

Grading System

Fail (U), Pass (G)

Course summary

The purpose of the course is to act as a complement to the obligatory Research designs and statistics, 15 hp; complement in the sense that it teaches the students about how to correctly perform the methods of analysis thought in the obligatory course. The course has the format of a reading course. The students read Field (2009), a book covering the methods of analysis discussed in Research designs and statistics (as described under course content), and complete the assignments at the end of each chapter. The goal of the course is to provide the students with skills to understand the uses of SPSS, as a tool to compute, summarize and interpret research findings.

Course content

-Generating theories and testing them

-Data collection and analysis on SPSS

-Using statistical models to test research questions

-Exploring data with graphs on SPSS

-Correlation analysis using SPSS

-Regression analysis using SPSS

-Logistic regression using SPSS

-Comparing two and several means (ANOVA) using SPSS

-Analysis of covariance, ANCOVA (GLM 2) using SPSS

-Factorial ANOVA (GLM 3) using SPSS

-Repeated measures designs (GLM 4) using SPSS

-Mixed design ANOVA (GLM 5) using SPSS

-Non-parametric tests using SPSS

-Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)

-Exploratory factor analysis on SPSS

-Categorical data on SPSS

-Multilevel modeling on SPSS


The course is a reading course. However, the course will include a number of voluntary seminars were the students and the teacher meet and discuss obstacles that occur along the way.


The students will have to write a text where they report (i) how they solved the assignments in Field (2009) and (ii) what the results were.


Only students who have successfully completed the obligatory course Research designs and statistics, 15 hp can participate.


Field, A. (2009). Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, 3rd Edition. London: Sage. (820 pages)